When you find a lawyer for your criminal defense, you must be sure they are willing to fight for a successful result for you. Our firm’s mission is to be as disruptive to the prosecution’s case as possible. The prosecution has a heavy burden of proof in every criminal case and, at trial, must prove that you’re “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” Our task then becomes demonstrating to the prosecution – early and often – that it will be unable to fulfill its heavy burden of proof in your particular case. Beginning with the end in mind (trial) and then working backwards, you will work with your criminal lawyer to employ a uniquely tailored defense strategy for your particular circumstance. We refer to this as a “disruptive defense.”


Every criminal case in San Diego is different. Therefore, every case handled by defense attorney Paul Hefley will necessarily employ different defense strategies. To find out how we could help you with your particular case, please contact us today.

Below are some examples of the aggressive legal work our office will provide in your defense:

  • Obtain and scrutinize police reports looking for any inaccuracies or conflicting information
  • Ensure that your detention, arrest, and/or interrogation complied with the current case law
  • Draft and file pertinent pre-trial motions that, if granted, will weaken the prosecution’s case
  • Identify and interview potential witnesses
  • Conduct a background check of all potential witnesses
  • Hire a private investigator
  • Visit alleged crime scene(s)
  • Evaluate the reliability of evidence
  • Put together a mitigation package
  • Hire expert witnesses, such as forensic specialists


We understand that being charged with a crime is stressful. The pressure of having to choose a defense attorney whom to entrust with your future undoubtedly adds to that stress. In an attempt to help you find a lawyer, we’ve listed our promises to you. These promises dictate our daily practice; and they guide how we treat every client, every day.

  • We will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. The criminal justice system is cold and impersonal. More often than not, it’s lean on justice and heavy on system. Sadly, when a criminal case is filed, it often feels like defendants are simply placed on an invisible conveyor belt and then ushered through the process as quickly as possible. It’s downright dehumanizing. However, the professional relationship you have your attorney should be anything but cold and impersonal. No matter what crime the state has charged you with, you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. You’re a person, not a case number. And that’s how we’ll always treat you.
  • We will make you a participant in your case, not just a spectator. Obviously, it’s your life, liberty, and property at risk. And given that you’re the one who is bearing all the risk, we’ll make certain that you’re an active participant in your case – not just a passive observer of it. We’ll do this, in large part, by thoroughly explaining everything to you at every phase of your case. You’ll know not only what we’re doing at every stage of your case, but why we’re doing it. This way you can make informed decisions about your future as your case proceeds.
  • We will be available to you nearly 24/7. After you’ve retained our office, Paul will give you his personal cell phone number so you can call or text him whenever you need to. He’ll always try to answer your calls or respond to your texts or emails immediately. However, if he isn’t able to respond immediately for some reason, he’ll always respond within 24 hours.
  • We will always be straightforward and honest about your case. Paul refuses to taint his legal advice with false optimism in order to persuade someone to retain him. From our very first meeting (and during the entire period of representation), we’ll give you a realistic idea of what you can expect as we proceed through each phase of your case. Quite frankly, you deserve nothing less. Contact the Law Office of Paul A Hefley Jr. today!