1. Getting Out Of Probation & On With Your Life

    Serving out a probation sentence can have a serious impact on your ability to live your life. It can restrict activities such as travel and give a bad impression to potential employers, loan officers, and even potential romantic interests. If you can’t wait for your probation sentence to expire, you may want to consider the possibility of seeking an early termination. San Diego criminal defense …Read More

  2. Avoiding Harsh Sentencing With A Romero Motion

    In 1994, California’s voters passed Proposition 184, which created the state’s "Three Strikes" sentencing system. The "Three Strikes Law" significantly increased the penalties for second and third serious or violent felony convictions. If a defendant has a prior strike and commits a second serious or violent felony, she can have her sentence doubled. And if a defendant has two prior strikes an…Read More

  3. What’s a “Pitchess” Motion?

    A Pitchess motion is a pre-trial discovery tool that is regularly used by San Diego criminal defense attorneys when a defendant believes he was a victim of police misconduct. Examples of police misconduct include: use of excessive force, dishonesty in police reports, coerced confessions, etc. Pitchess motions are very common in resisting arrest cases. If, for example, a defendant states that he ac…Read More

  4. How Does a Felony Case Proceed Through the Criminal Court System?

    California crimes are classified as infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. A felony is the most serious of the three and is punishable by more than one year in prison. Being charged with a felony can be a confusing time in one's life. As a dedicated defense attorney, my hope is that this brief overview of how a felony case moves through the San Diego County criminal justice system will reduce so…Read More

  5. What is “Petty Theft” in California?

    Petty theft (PC 484) is charged when someone takes, for any amount of time, property (valued up to $950) not belonging to him and deprives the rightful owner of potential enjoyment or value of that property. Sentencing in Petty Theft Cases In California, petty theft is a misdemeanor. If found guilty of this offense, potential sentencing consequences may include: Up to 6 months in county jail Up to…Read More