Serving out a probation sentence can have a serious impact on your ability to live your life. It can restrict activities such as travel and give a bad impression to potential employers, loan officers, and even potential romantic interests. If you can’t wait for your probation sentence to expire, you may want to consider the possibility of seeking an early termination. San Diego criminal defense attorney Paul A. Hefley, Jr. has successfully helped clients do just that, allowing them to get on with their lives. If this is a possibility that interests you, here are a few things to consider.

Fulfill All Requirements

In order for a judge to be convinced that reducing your probation sentence is a good decision, you must demonstrate that you are taking your sentence seriously. Requirements such as mandatory counseling and community service should be taken care of as soon as possible. Also make sure to pay all fees and fines related to your case before seeking early termination. You will also probably need to serve at least half of your sentence in order to secure a successful result.

Demonstrate Your Candidacy

In order to successfully petition the court for the early release from your sentence, you and your defense attorney must build a convincing case. Factors that could influence the decision might include children or other dependents, the prospect of a new job, or anything else that could demonstrate that early termination would allow you to become a more productive, law-abiding member of the San Diego public. Your attorney can help you determine the best plan of action.

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