An arrest warrant is a court order issued by a judge for the arrest or detention of a suspect after a crime has been committed. Once a judge determines that there is probable cause to arrest the suspect, a judge will sign an arrest warrant. The police will then go to the suspect’s home or office to take her or him into custody.

A warrant may require that a significant bail be put up before a person may be released, thereby improving the chances that the person will return to court. In some cases, a judge will issue an arrest warrant with no option for bail.

In many cases, bail will be more than the cost of a criminal lawyer. San Diego criminal attorney Paul Hefley can argue to the court that the bail should be reduced to a reasonable amount so that you may remain out of custody or, conversely, that you should be released on your own recognizance – meaning that you wouldn’t have to post bail and you’d simply promise to appear at all future required court dates. Find a lawyer who can start to build your case as soon as the need arises; contact the Law Office of Paul A. Hefley Jr. today!